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A Couple Javascript Projects 👨🏻‍💻

Mar 16, 2017 at 11:30 PM

Since my last post, I've moved to another state and I'm still getting settled so the blog took a back seat for a little bit. I should be back posting about my adventures learning Swift soon, but for the moment, I've been doing a couple deep dives into some Javascript mini-projects which I've posted in full on github.

Photos Near

This is is a simple photo gallery app that pulls images from the Flickr API based on a set of locations. At the moment it has a list of hard coded locations I've selected, but it can be easily adapted to show the most recent photos near the current computer or whatever. While this app is fairly simple, it does have some fairly solid transitions and load animations for when you are first starting the page and when you are waiting for a new set of photos to load. You can check out the demo app here or I have a github page for the project .

Oakridge Trails

This project was partly for a job pitch but it turned into a pet project which I dug deeper into because I love trails and maps. I discovered a new mapping library called leafletjs which lets you pull in OpenStreet Map tiles and overlay layers of data on top of them. In this case I used OpenTopo Maps to pull up topographic maps of the various trails near Oakridge Oregon and overlay both the map route and an elevation profile of the trail (using elevation data from bike rides on those same trails.

The result is pretty cool (Ok, I'm biased) and I'm likely to be doing a few more trail maps like this one based on requests. As with my Photos page, the source is on github so if you see a use for this, please fork it and let me know!

One of the really curious things about this project was the charting. I've used highcharts.js for charting in the past and overall I've been quite happy with it, but it's a lot more than what I needed for the simple elevation charts. So I grabbed the super light weight chartist.js library which is a fraction of the size of highcharts and does exactly what I need.

Marking Progress

All isn't quiet on the Swift front, I've just been working on a small framework I'm going to release on Github soon which I use on the page to format code samples. It's also the foundation of some bigger projects pieces of the page which I'm looking forward to putting out soon. For the moment, the demands of relocating and job hunting have taken over priorty. My intent is to keep posting at least weekly on this Blog.